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Episode 9: Jeffrey Weissman

Episode Summary

Jeffrey Weissman co-stars in Back to the Future II & III (George McFly), Pale Rider (Teddy) and over 70 others. On TV he guest stars on Diagnosis Murder, Scarecrow & Mrs King, Save By the Bell, Max Headroom, and dozens more. He’s been on stage since 1972, recently in The Fisher King Live (Parry), Young Frankenstein the Musical (Igor), Twelfth Night (Feste), Blithe Spirit (Chas.) and over 100 other shows. Jeffrey also performs as Charlie Chaplin, Stan Laurel, Groucho Marx, Larry Fine, Mark Twain and a host of original characters. He trained at ACT, SFSU and is a founding varsity member of Los Angeles Theater Sports. He directs, teaches and coaches privately. Recent stuff during Quarantine: Project 88 (300+ Fans from 9 countries remake BttF II during Quarantine, the film is broken up into 88 scenes, and my wife plays Lorainne, and I reprise Geo. McFly in scene 75): Get Thee BttF (I Play Doc Brown in a Shakespearean version of BttF): International Virtual Contact Dance Improv: (I’m at 2:20)