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Episode 12: featuring Maricielo Solis

Episode Summary

Maricielo Solis is a multilingual media storyteller, executive and entrepreneur whose motivation, compassion, and game-changing attitude have all earned her the reputation as a thought leader. Over the span of nearly a decade, she has gained extensive experience in the media space, specializing in digital media, TV news production, technology, and entrepreneurship. Hailing from Peru, Cielo’s avid interest in engaging storytelling entered her life early on. Ultimately, the innate ability to create an unshakable sense of solidarity between people around the world inspired her to turn storytelling into a lifelong career. Starting out, Cielo was a Page for NBC Universal, where she had the opportunity to work at the Today Show, MSNBC, Late Night with Seth Myers, Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and even SNL. From there, she expanded her horizons to CNN, facilitating the morning show for CNN America. She also wrote content for NBC Latino. All these achievements culminated into the launch of BLENDtw. As the media company’s Founder and CEO, Cielo is in charge of the editorial content for the publication, recruitment, and team management. In addition to that, she serves as a Motivational Coach and Speaker who has given a multitude of talks at various prominent conferences pertaining to the intersection between tech and media. On top of that, she is writing the script for her debut film as well as working on the launch of MYVOS (My Voice, Our Story) Interview Talks. No matter what venture she undertakes, Cielo’s number one vision is to empower people to step into their best selves.