Business Access by TDimage

Episode 1: The Intro

Episode Summary

Hi everyone and welcome to business Access by TDimage my name is Thiago Desouza and I’m glad to have you on. This is just an introductory episode so we can introduce ourselves and let you know what we are doing. Again, my name is Thiago Desouza and I am a proud partner of TDimage LLC a multi marketing and content development company. The thing that I love about what we do is that we not only work with our internal team, but we collaborate with the right companies or artists to make sure that every project is successful. So, if you want to find out more about us you can go to and find the many ways to contact us. Now why are we doing this podcast, well that is simple! We wanted to find a way that we can give back to our business community and helping them get a little exposure during these hard times. The Covid-19 pandemic has not only shut down companies, but it has also restructured the way we communicate with each other. For example, Zoom has literally become the primary way that we function. There isn’t a day that either I haven’t had a zoom meeting or spoken to someone that had been on one. A hearing this we thought that we’d love to invest in communication, so we decided to do a podcast and allow businesses to speak out. Why is this important, well many reasons and one of the biggest one is because your clients need to know that you are functioning to an extent. When we don’t communicate, we don’t show signs of life. So, it is vital whether its an internal communication or external to your community of clients. Another reason is that there is a lot of information out there that is confusing and misleading or just junk. So, we are bringing you businesses and specialists that are making strong and forward-thinking decisions that work. You might even hear from a company that will inspire you in a choice that could save your business. Again, our goal is to make sure we build a communication platform that has proper information to help the communities of business out there. So, I inspire you to contact us and take time to give back to our community and hopefully we can slowdown the negative effect that the corona virus is having and create a better outcome. Thank you again for listening and I hope to hear from you soon. We are speaking to businesses and professionals all over the country and finding out what they are up too. Sharing their stories, successes, and professional tips so that your business can get informed. The podcast is focused on learning and help us find out more about how to make our business a success. If you’re a business come on and let’s talk and share your success.